Beach vacation in Israel

You’re referring to the wonderful country of Israel, which borders the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its stunning and diverse beaches and These beaches each have their own unique atmosphere and facilities.

Ein Bokek Beach, a gem on the Dead Sea, is renowned for its therapeutic qualities due to the rich mineral composition of the water, including high salt and magnesium levels. While swimming here, you’ll notice a unique sensation of buoyancy because of the high salt content. The surrounding area also boasts high-class hotels, spas, and wellness centers. Many visitors come to Ein Bokek Beach not just for recreation, but also to benefit from the therapeutic properties of Dead Sea mud, known to aid skin conditions like psoriasis and arthritis.

Kalia Beach is another popular destination on the Dead Sea, especially known for its excellent facilities and well-organized amenities. With its ample parking, a selection of stores selling souvenirs, beachwear, and Dead Sea cosmetics, it’s a convenient place for tourists. Kalia Beach is also a gateway to the northern part of the Dead Sea, where visitors can explore historical and natural sites. Its terrace, which offers a fantastic view of the sea, is a great spot to enjoy a drink or ice cream. The presence of a live camel adds an exotic touch, providing unique photo opportunities for visitors.

Neve Midbar Beach, the northernmost beach on the Dead Sea, also has a reputation for cleanliness and excellent facilities, including clean toilets and changing rooms. One should, however, be aware that when large tour groups with descend upon the beach, maintaining the usual cleanliness standards can become challenging. The beach has a kosher restaurant, which is closed on Saturdays, respecting the local Jewish tradition of Sabbath. The bar menu may be limited but it does include a variety of good choices.

Remember, the Dead Sea is shrinking due to evaporation and human activity, so it’s vital to respect the environment when visiting these unique beaches. The experience is truly unlike any other – floating effortlessly in the waters while soaking up the breathtaking surrounding views. It’s definitely a must-do when visiting Israel.